Technical Skills

  • 4+ years of professional experience building full-stack applications, backend with Python, Django ecosystems(frameworks, libraries, etc.), Node.js, AWS, frontend with JavaScript, Typescript, Vue.js, riot.js.

  • Experienced in every phase of software development, i.e., from requirements analysis to maintenance.

  • Developing production-ready, maintainable, and scalable software systems both front-end and back-end.

  • Building RESTful APIs following best practices.

  • Designing SQL and No-SQL database schema efficiently.

  • Experienced in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process(CI/CD).

  • Developing Serverless applications on AWS Lambda.

  • Meticulous Code Reviewer with immense respect and love towards peers.

  • Reducing Technical debt by code refactoring and working effectively with Legacy Code.

  • Experienced on System Design by thinking deliberately - considering the exact pros and cons of choice.

  • Staunch supporter of Test Driven Development writing comfortable test cases and coverage.

  • Linux Server configuration, task automation, security testing.

  • Love to work on challenging problems.

Tools & Technologies

Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Java, SQL

Frameworks: Django, Django REST, Flask, Serverless framework

Testing: Pytest, Unittest and related plugins

Frontend: Riot.js, Vue.js, jQuery.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch

DevOps: AWS, Docker, CI/CD, Travis, Github actions

Cloud Service: AWS(Amazon Web Services)

Others: Linux, Shell scripting, Makefile

Soft Skills

  • Leadership (4-5 members)

  • Team working

  • Self-motivation

  • Making decisions

  • Problem-solving