Senior Backend Engineer


Vilnius, Lithuania

Dec 2019 - Present

  • Migrating existing monolithic architecture to several microservices using servereless applications.

  • Refactoring legacy codes and converting to more manageable and modular using best practices i.e. TDD, DDD, git-flow, Agile, SDLC etc.

  • Developing server-less applications using micro-service architecture on AWS Lambda.

  • Maintaining code quality and correctness by ensuring test coverage more than 85%, peer code review.

  • Developing Python, npm packages to reuse common functionalities across applications.

  • Technologies: Python, Node.js(Javascript, TypeScript), Serverless framework, AWS, MongoDB, DynamoDB

Lead Software Engineer

Dingi Technologies Limited.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Developed highly scalable distributed systems and maintained high availability by auto-scaling and load-balancing.

  • Reduced almost 45% cost of using AWS services by changing the architecture like using AWS Fleet, choosing optimal instance types

  • Developed real-time map location-based applications like vehicle tracking solution

  • Technologies: Python, Django, Elasticsearch, Redis, Node.js, Celery, AWS

Full Stack Developer

Infosapex Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sep 2017 - June 2019

  • Developed online hotel, bus, flight booking system,, for customers as a B2C model and provide API to dealer/agent as a B2B model

  • Developed a cloud-based multi-tenant hotel management ERP as SaaS model.

  • Developed multi-tenant accounting, inventory and point of sale.

  • Developed online micro- finance solution for financial institutions

  • Technologies: Python, Django, jQuery, AWS, Elasticsearch, Vue.js, Riot.js